According to the Court of Auditors of the Union – TCU, Mr. Aroldo Cedraz, IT governance is: “… the structured set of policies, standards, methods and procedures designed to enable senior management and executives to plan, manage and control the current and future use of technology Of information, so as to ensure, at an acceptable level of risk, efficient use of resources, support to organizational processes and strategic alignment with objectives of the latter. Its goal is therefore to ensure that the use of IT adds value to the organization’s business. ”

Always seeking to assist its clients in meeting the constant management challenges and seeking the effectiveness of the planning and implementation of actions focused on the excellence of information technology services, EVERY TI, provides specific services segregated according to the directives of the control bodies of the And COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) maintained by the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA), an international association that is now recognized as one of the most respected sources of Information in the world.

The set of services presented here are divided, as well as vertical information and communication security, in tasks that can be combined in different forms, allowing the composition of projects always adapted to the needs of our clients. All services have their duration and scope suggested according to projects previously executed by EVERY TI being their duration and effort in hours a suggestion that can be adjusted according to the reality of each client.

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